Paragram Co
Branding, Diseño Web y Social Media


Paragram helps passionate business owners to craft beautiful, intentional brands that connect with their ideal clients.


Our Creative Studio

Paragram (n.),  is a type of verbal play consisting of the alteration of a letter or a series of letters to create new words with a different meaning.

We are a digital studio founded back in 2014 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In the heart of the Carribbean, we love to play video games, go to the beach, drink coffee (like, a lot!) and craft beautiful brands that convey effectively the dreams of entrepreneurs from around the globe.

We believe that great design is more than just aesthetics, it is a tool that can change the way you do business. Branding tells your story and points to a deeper purpose. We advocate collaboration, slow living and create a strong connection with each business owner that we choose to work with.

Through collaboration, a structured process, and a knack for innovation, we strive for creating more than a brand, but a universe.



Meet Adrie
Brand Stylist + Web Designer

I've been in love with the web since I was 8, when I created my first website in Angelfire. Filled with glitter GIFs, I've been at it since then, becoming a visual designer and brand stylist with more than 6 years in the field.

Four years ago I embarked in this mission of helping curious and daring people from around the globe to not only find their calling, but create brands that adapt to their lifestyles and goals, growing alongside them.

I love coffee — always on the look for new coffee blends — and I am the mother of a cranky chihuahua. I firmly believe in win-win situations and the magic of details.


Project Manager + Office Manager

Adrian keeps us focused on creating by managing our clients and projects. His goal as Project Manager is for the team to maintain a healthy balance, keeping projects on track and emails answered. A computer engineer, he also keeps our systems and computers running smoothly.

With a knack for copywriting, he turns outlines into beautiful, effective texts that connect and sell, taking care of our social media clients.


Web Developer

Raquel is our webmaster, facing every day countless lines of code. Curious, straightforward, and with a very structured thought process, she turns our web designs from images to functional, responsive and interactive websites. She loves animals, sweets, and movies, giving reviews on almost everything.

Two years ago she joined the team, passionate about clean, quality code, systems and CSS. If you need a blunt opinion, ask her!


Office Mascot

Cherrie is a cranky chihuahua who keeps our studio safe, always attentive to movements behind the door. Wary of strangers, she's 17 years old and loves a good patting. Even with her bad temper, she's our office manager, going around for pats and charging everyone tax for their breakfasts.


Let's talk over coffee.

(Or tea, we don't judge)