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Let's turn your brand into a business tool

A brand that achieves your goals needs a proper strategy, systems and design that attract your ideal customers.


Intentional design + personalised solutions help you achieve your goals.

We understand this is an investment in your future. Your brand is your flag, your mark in the world, and we must make it work for you and with you.


Brand Strategy + Design

We believe brands are living, breathing entities, with personality, appearance and, above all, the ability to grow. Our design process is geared towards evolving, turning clients into fans, and giving you clarity to pursue your dreams all based on sturdy strategy.


A good foundation builds a sturdy brand that becomes more than a business, but a movement. Our sessions are designed with the modern entrepreneur at heart, giving you the assistance you need to flourish.


Our Latest Work


Rumbo Canadá

A brand fuelled by new horizons and possibilities.



Our Process

We work hand in hand with you to discover and build the main pillars of your brand, clarifying your purpose, finding your voice, understanding your customers, and defining your goals. This serves as a guiding star for all design, keeping your brand cohesive, purposeful and intentional always.




First things first, we get to know each other. If we are a perfect match, through an interactive session we proceed to get clarity on your objectives and needs, detemining how to solve your target client's problems and making your brand stand out from among all others.



After the meeting phase, we take everything we gathered, filter it and organize it in order to create a project roadmap. This roadmap will include your positioning, value proposition, general look and tone, as well as a list of priorities for the project. This will be our guiding post for the project.



Witness your brand coming to life! We'll design collaterals for your brand based on the requirements that were determined from the strategy sessions so that you can turn leads into satisfied customers and a dream into reality.


Who are we?

Designers, developers, gamers and coffee lovers...Learn about us and our process by clicking below.



How many logo proposals do I get?

Instead of offering various designs that are not completely aligned to your brand message, we present only one solution that embodies your message and connects with your audience.

Our exploration phase allows us to present confidently only one solution with the brand already in action.

How do you handle meetings?

We love sharing a cup of virtual coffee (virtual because we value your time and ours!). Our meetings are through Zoom. Let's chat!

What happens after delivery?

Our story doesn't end here. We are forever available to help you explore and implement your brand. That means that we are available for checkups and maintenance.

Do you redesign websites?

You bet! Contact us and show us what you've got. We will tailor a custom estimate for you.

What do you mean refinements week?

Instead of doing revision rounds we have a whole week to tailor your project to perfection, using our project management app for the back and forth.

What happens if I need a brand or website faster?

Let's talk! We are sure to help you find a way to make it work.

What do you mean starting date?

Every project deserves all our attention and dedication, hence, we work with a limited amount of them per period. We schedule rigorously — usually 4 to 6 weeks in advance. You can save your space with a non-refundable deposit.

Do you work outside Dominican Republic?

Yes we do! We are a digital agency and work remotely. We receive payment through Western Union and PayPal.

Do you offer printing services?

Sadly no, but we have real good recommendations. If you print, let us know and we will add you to the list (after you send us a sample).

I only need a logo, is it possible?

We believe a logo is part of an orchestra of elements that communicate your message. For this reason, giving you only a logo would be giving you only a part of the brand turning it from an investment into an expense.

I can't code, can I update my website?

That's a resounding yes! We have picked our platforms carefully, considering its user-friendliness to allow our clients to have full control over their site. You'll get a thorough walkthrough, and if you need any help, we are always available.


Great company to work with. They become part of your team and work with your goals with professionalism and dedication.

I definitely recommend Paragram to every business owner looking for a company that cares about your culture and that molds to your needs by adding their perfection and love to every inch of there work.
— Joel Espinal, JFPro Owner

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