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My #1 strategy for creating content

Have you been feeling stagnant or uninspired lately? It is not easy to be always creating content in our different channels, especially when we have to be aware of so many factors in our business that are not just marketing our product.

You probably know that a content marketing strategy is no longer optional for most digital and specialty businesses. The new currency of the digital world is content, globalization empowering consumers to make more informed choices and forcing us to create content that creates a connection with them and teaches, inspires, communicates or entertains them.

One of the most frequently asked questions in my discussions and customer sessions is: how to consistently create content for your blog, social networking accounts or mailing list. The answer is simpler than you might think: brainstorming.

As I told you in the last post, Tips to define your content in social networks, to start generating content we need to know each other and our audience. That's where the question arises. Where do I start looking?

The challenge

Very often (and believe me with the "often", as we handle several accounts at once), you may find me wandering around the office trying to get the brain working. This is when you start talking to your team or your partner and ideas start to come up. I take out my little orange notebook and start talking to them with ideas: no filters, no analysis, no exploration.

In all this time, I have been able to identify questions that arise and that are ultimately a great help in bringing ideas to the table.

Today I bring you a simple but powerful questionnaire, based on those questions that have so often put my brain to work.

The challenge: print this free worksheet, take a pencil, mark 15 minutes on the clock and write three answers to each question within the time frame.


Download your Free Worksheet

Why 15 minutes

The sense of urgency forces you to write down your ideas without giving it too much thought or about analyzing the answers. In this part of the process, what we are looking for is to put the brain to work.

If after 15 minutes you feel inspired, come back and repeat the process. When you're done and run out of ideas, check each answer and start filtering.

Based on this list you can start working on an editorial calendar, combining, expanding and reformulating the answers to the questions.

I would love to hear how the exercise is going for you and if it works for you, so don't hesitate to send me a DM, leave me a comment or tag me in a post on Instagram (@paragramco) or Twitter (@adribelgonzalez).

Hugs and remember, the important thing is that inspiration finds us working!